International forays

Seven, Readings (2015)

Directed by Sanjay Kumar, the internationally acclaimed play Seven, was staged as part of a major gender sensitisation campaign by the American Centre and the American Embassy in may cities of India.

The play consists stories of 7 courageous women from different continents penned by 7 acclaimed American playwrights. The play has been read by renowned personalities all over the world

Brought to India by pandies, readings/enactments were held in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jammu and Delhi. 

Trying to make the global and the local speak to each other and resonate towards eliminating gender based violence.

The Red Eye 10s international Play Festival, India section (2019)

 Sanjay organised and hosted (directed one of them too) The Red Eye 10s international Play Festival, 2019 with the support of the American Center, Delhi. The first time that this festival was hosted in India.

The festival was started by Wendy-Marie Martin, by a scholar from Hollins University, USA, and the plays are selected the Red Eye organizers.

The format: There are 6 plays of 10 minutes each. Each to have a different director.Participant venues are spread across the globe. There are 2 dates.

The 2019 festival had more than 20 venues all over the world.

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