Genet – The Balcony (2013)


Genet – The Balcony (2013)

This was Sanjay’s second time with this play. Genet’s The Balcony was first performed with Hansraj Dram Soc in 1991 and now after 22 years in 2013. The director’s periodic returns to adapting radical classics evidences that these classics never lose relevance and without any major adaptation are probably as if not more relevant today. An assertion that comes back

Hailed variously as avant garde, a pioneer of modern theatre, an inspiration  and reference point for LGBT theatre and the French Brecht (though we feel that his place is as radical but different from Brecht), Genet is central to this director’s canvas of activist performance. No research on contemporary drama and no contemporary practice is complete without reference to him. 

 This production was mostly in English (about 10 percent in Hindustani) and used Bernard Brechtman’s second translation as its base text.



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