The Spectres of Shakespeare (2017)

The Spectres of Shakespeare (2017)pastedGraphic.png

Difficult to take on the bard and this production replayed the magic of three plays – Tempest, Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth.

How great was Shakespeare? Why does he continue to reign over Performance and Visual Arts? When we look around, not only theatre but cinema, his ‘ghosts’ live on in our world.

Among the various attempts to show the relevance of Shakespeare’s plays, his use of magic and his creative use of ghosts and spirits has been largely ignored. Do his witches and ghosts continue to inhabit our world? Are they there in our real and imagined lives? In our nightmares and our fantasies? In our social media and our virtually real lives? 

Entertaining and thought provoking, The Spectres of Shakespeare was a contemporary relocation of the bard’s supernatural. In a world of majorities and peripheries, of corporate take-overs, of virtual intrusions into the way we construct our lives, of social media directing our lives, Shakespeare lives, nay thrives, on.

The Spectres . . . started with an ensemble of some of the senior members putting themselves together to recreate the magic of theatre and Shakespeare. The script is an adaptation by this unit.

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